If you’re planning an event, we need to talk about porta potty rentals in Oklahoma City. You need the very best to ensure your event, festival, or even a construction site is in the best shape possible and ready to serve your guests. Bathroom facilities matter. We’ve assembled our top tips for port potty rentals so that you know exactly the right questions to ask your facilities provider and the best ways to prep your event space to set yourself up for success.

Tips for Porta Potty Rentals in Oklahoma City


When renting porta potties, you want to provide your vendor with a good guess on the number of people you expect at your event. This helps us estimate how many units you’ll need. Porta potties can hold a lot, but every unit has a capacity you DO NOT want to exceed. It’s a careful balance of capacity, length of event, and how long you want your guests to have to wait until a restroom is free. Don’t skimp on toilets – the smell will give you away! We can help you estimate the correct nymber to keep your guests comfortable.


Location matters for a couple of reasons. Porta potties should be placed on relatively flat, level ground. No one wants to feel the unit move as they sit down! Our representatives can talk you through choosing the correct area to place them, but please be advised that this may change when our delivery truck arrives if the driver discovers that conditions have changed or there is a better location.  If your event is large and spread across a wide area, we may recommend putting units in different locations to reduce the amount of walking needed to reach the nearest restoom.

Other considerations may include:

  • Truck access for delivery
  • Truck access for pumping, cleaning, and service (if you’re keeping your porta potties for longer term rentals)
  • Accessibility for your guests
    • Don’t make it too difficult for your guests to find the toilets! You don’t want anyone taking matters into their own hands. You should also be mindful of attendees with mobility concerns and making sure they’re also able to access the porta potties. 
    • What happens if it rains? Be sure to consider the drainage of the ground where you’re planning to place your toilet stations. If it’s known to collect water, you may wish to preventatively place the toilets on higher ground so your guests aren’t ankle-deep in mud while they wait for their turn in the bathroom.
  • Distance away from food and entertainment
    • For sanitary reasons, we do suggest a healthy amount of separation between any food service areas and your restroom facilities. 

Service Frequency

So you’ve received your portable toilets – what’s next? That depends on the amount of time you plan to need them. For a brief event, it’s likely that the next time you’ll see us is when we come to empty and remove them. If you need a longer-term rental for something like a camp site or construction project, we’ll be out regularly to empty, clean, and refill toilet paper. The frequency of service depends on factors like expected use and number of units, so you’ll receive an idea of what this schedule looks like when you consult with one of our customer service representatives. 


Our portable bathroom facilities are designed to make life easier for you. When you rent a porta potty, you get the standard unit equipped with a seated toilet and urinal, as well as the following features.

  • Hand sanitizer for clean cleaning
  • In-unit soap dispenser
  • Coat hook to keep your personal items clean
  • Mirror for quick touch-ups
  • Three-roll toilet paper holder to ensure you don’t run out of toilet paper
  • Large tank capacity to accommodate a high volume of users
  • EZ Grip inside door latch to assist anyone with grip concerns
  • Double torsion door spring to close the door behind you and keep it operating smoothly
  • “Hover Handles” on the door for those who prefer not to sit 
  • Extra vents for more positive airflow
  • Construction-grade, grated floors to prevent dirt accumulation
  • White roof for maximum illumination in low light settings

We specifically chose to offer features that make portable toilets a nicer experience for your guests and make your event easier to manage by making sanitation simple.


We’ve all been in a portable toilet and had a …stinky… experience. The good news is that portable restrooms have better designs these days and we work hard to reduce the odors. With a CARDS porta potty, you get a large tank capacity to accomodate a higher volume of users, extra vents to increase positive airflow (no need for fans!), and construction-grade grated floors to prevent dirt and moisture accumulation. Full transparency: it’s still a porta potty. There are going to be smells – but hopefully less than the amount you would expect!

Booking Porta Potties in Oklahoma City

Ready to book your portable toilet facilities? We’ll walk you through the process and ensure you have the best, most hygenic experience available for your guests. We’re proud to serve events needing pora potties in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, like festivals, fairs, weddings, private parties, sporting events, camp sites, trail heads, race tracks, film locations, construction sites, marathons and Iron Man events, after natural disasters for clean up, and more.