Municipal Service Areas

If you see your city or town listed below, it means CARDS has been selected as the exclusive service provider for your municipality. We are providing waste collection services that may also include curbside single-stream recycling, neighborhood clean-ups, and bulky waste pick up depending on what your city has requested. Click on your city to find more details.

Rural Service Areas

Portable Toilet Service Areas

If you see your area listed below, it means CARDS will provide portable toilet services – including short and longer term rentals, regular pumping service, and everything you need to maintain an efficient, hygienic environment.


CARDS is LEEDS® Certified

Regional Recycling

CARDS is a Partnership Provider of the Regional Recycling & Waste Reduction District


CARDS is Licensed and Permitted by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality

If you have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to contact us!

Contact CARDS at (877) 59-CARDS